Best Websites

Today, we live in a digital era where if you want to learn anything, all you have to do is Google it. As much as that is amazing and all, there are so many websites out there to filter through and find what you need. Below I listed some of the best ukulele websites currently accessible, and how you might use them for either personal or professional use.

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When I first started playing ukulele, I stumbled upon this site. Most all of the ukuleles I have ordered come from here, but the most helpful resource is their “Free Resources” page. It gives you a bunch of videos of the staff at Hawaiian Music Supply playing the different ukuleles in their shop. The lessons range from Beginner to Advanced, and did I forget to mention, they’re FREE!

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Ukulele in the Classroom is a website created by James Hill. James Hill is a big ukulele advocate in Canada. Only recently has the United States discovered the possibilities of what ukuleles in the classroom can bring. On his website, he shares a variety of free teaching and instructional materials that are just a click away. He also encourages teachers to take a Teacher Certification Program that lasts for about three years and is hosted in Canada. Definitely a site to check out if you are just about to start using the ukulele in your curriculum.

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Ukulele Yes! is a magazine anyone can subscribe to in order to find out more about this beautiful instrument. You can subscribe for free, and continue having access to all of the articles and information written about the ukulele. This magazine was also designed and set up by James Hill. 

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Ukulele Hunt is a great resource for getting started with the ukulele. If you want to learn how to play or need some repertoire, this website really gives you a well-rounded picture of the ukulele. 


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The Ukulele Underground is a great place to enhance your own personal ukulele skills to move to more advanced pieces. There are a bunch of online tutorials, tabs, chords, and improvement plans. If you're a visual learner, like myself, this website is one you will really benefit from. 

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Got A Ukulele is a ukulele blog for beginners. This site also has an overwhelming amount of information about the ukulele, and ways to connect with people, places, and retailers.

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This site was actually shared with me by a friend who originally inspired me to play ukulele. This site has a lot of music that is directed for ukulele. If you are looking to challenge yourself with reading a variety of chord charts, this site will help facilitate that.