Chord Charts

Below you will find images of all the chords I use with students. The 4 chords at the top are the ones that I have posters of at the front of my classroom. They are the only ones that are color coded. All of the pitches in the C Major scale I color code for my students. I do this for retention purposes, especially in the K-2. Starting in 3rd, we slowly move away from color coding. Therefore, when it comes to these 4 chords that we primarily use, I color code them according to the tonic of that chord. But if you would rather not have a color coded copy, I made both available for you.


Chords Used With Students

By time the students get to 5th grade, all of the chords below are possible for them to play. I do not make them mandatory, but I do make them available for my especially-gifted learners. There are obviously more chords than this, but these are the only ones that have ever come up while teaching. If you would like to use them in the classroom, or put them in a document for students, just right click whichever chords you would like to use, and save them to your computer.