Every Decision You Make is Based on a Belief You Hold.

My mission as an educator is to use music education as a tool to encourage all those who I encounter to express their thoughts, emotions, and feelings in a safe way.


My vision is a world in which no one is ridiculed or judged for their musical ability and taste, but instead appreciated and respected for their differences.


Openness: I value openness that helps build the community within the classroom. Only when the music classroom feels like a safe place do students really tap into who they are musically.

Communication: I value communication that supports students in their development of decision-making. When my students and I open that dialogue in the music classroom, the students find more value in their learning.

Creativity: I value creativity because it is the source of music and music education. Facilitating an environment of creativity allows for students to take the musical concepts and incorporate it into each of their lives in a unique way that has the ability to stay with them forever.


Students have a right to express what they want to learn within their education, no matter what age.

Even at a young age, students have the ability and desire to create and express their individuality within the learning environment.